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About Us

With over 30 years in hotel management, we understand the challenges that hotels and businesses face. We also understand the importance of peace of mind and maintaining the highest standards in guest comfort and safety.  Maintenance plans with exterminators can be very costly, even if you are bed-bug free and many budgets do not allow for this. We offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. With a regular (or one time) inspection schedule, you can save money by only treating areas that need to be treated.


We are not exterminators. We provide you with an unbiased, conflict free report that you may provide to your exterminator for targeted treatment.


Bed Bug Private Investigators are centrally located, serving the entire state of California, and beyond. Call today to schedule a visit or to request a quotation.


Bed Bug Private Investigators is not an exterminating company; there is no conflict of interest and we have no ulterior motives to find bed bugs. Frankly, we hope we don’t find bed bugs!


■ Unmarked vehicle
■ Handler wears street clothes
■ Unbiased search
■ K9s are friendly and approachable
■ Certified K9 detection teams

Our Team

Offering fast, accurate and discreet  bed bug detection…..
we look forward to serving you
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Ludo is a graduate of  Florida K-9 Academy where he received training from none other than Certified Master Trainer (CMT) Bill Whitstine, a renowned expert dog trainer in bomb, drug, money, weapons, mold and insect  Bill has been featured on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet's show, "Dogs with Jobs".      


President of Wallace Hospitality Solutions, Paul has been running hotels and hotel companies for over 30 years. He understands the needs and challenges of hotels today. Whether you have an independent boutique inn, large convention hotel or other type of facility he will ensure that your specific situation and needs are given the highest consideration.      


Shelly has also enjoyed working in the Hospitality Industry for over 25 years, primarily focused on hotel sales and marketing. Shelly understands the importance of guest satisfaction as well as the importance of discretion and maintaining a positive image in the public’s eye. A maintenance program is crucial for early detection, but also goes a long way with satisfying guests that you are proactive and doing everything in your power to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests.  

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