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Why Use Dogs?

Canine Bed Bug detection is the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective method for finding bed bugs. 


Bed bugs cannot always been visible to the human eye. They can be microscopic and they are experts at hiding in dark cracks and crevices. A properly-trained canine can detect bed bugs by scent within moments.  A dog has more than 220 million olfactory receptors in its nose, and a trained bed bug dog has one goal – to find bed bugs.  It can take up to an hour for a human inspector to properly search a room, with less than 50% accuracy. (and they have to take the bed apart, move furniture, etc)  It takes a trained bed bug dog inspector just minutes, with over 90% accuracy. You do the math.


Cost Effective
Peace of Mind

Bed Bugs

are HERE

Be prepared WHEN (not if)

they find you

Save Money. Bed bug detection dogs generate quicker and more accurate results, with no mess. This means lower remediation costs. For hotels, schools, rental homes, commercial and government buildings, the cost savings can be quite substantial.

Cutting-Edge Technology. The "Nose" is cutting-edge technology and the latest trend in bed bug detection. It's the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint the location of bed bugs with close to 100% accuracy.

Proven and Trusted. "Man's Best Friend" has been used for years by military and law enforcement agencies to detect bombs and drugs, among other things.

Dogs are Honest. Dogs are trained to work for food and love... and NOT for profits.

Peace of Mind. Research supports that if the dog finds bed bugs, there's a high statistical probability you should investigate further– and act fast. If the dog doesn't find bed bugs, you can know with greater certainty that your hotel, home, office or school is bed bug free.

Hard Workers. Government authorities have found that a typical office building search of approximately 200 rooms can take one dog eight hours to complete. Wouldn’t you like all of your employees to work that hard?


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